Monday, 27 November 2006


It been days since I've sat down in front of my laptop and jotted some of what is running through my mind...Isn't it ironic to see all the news we are learning every day,about the welfare of our own nation...Suddenly I'm more sad of Malaysian rather on the condition of those war stricken people out there,of those people suffering from bomb and terrorist attacks,those living from hand to mouth out there..This sudden emphatic on our own community is indulging me to be more agitated towards those in the governance...
The idiotic leaders are shaming themselves publicly with their stupid statements...can they think for a while of the impact of their own words...
The apartheid method happening in M'sia is really mind boggling..When this law aided segregation will be abolished..I certainly don't want my kids to grow up hating my neighbours who are Malay,Chinese or other races...I want them to grow up as a Malaysian...As a nation that only had the aborigines as the only son of soil,this parading of M***y folks is getting out of hand..Don't they ever knew history...Indians were here long and most of these B**IP****a are descendants from the Indian travellers...Then where came the name son of soil for them...
All men and women are equal in the eyes of god..We should help hand in hand to live better...

For the issue of Kg.Berembang ,things are getting hot now..Many NGO's and activist have thronged to help the 51 Malay folks...But wondered that most of them were not Malays..You see,for most Non-Malay's we don't segregate's done by the Malays themselves..Those who were arrested were in fact a quite amount of Non-Malays...Congrat my comrades..You've shown that us irrespective of our differences we stand for our principle against those who abuse the human rights...But then don't forget..there are other families in Kg.Berembang who need help apart from the 51 families.... has been a hectic day...My HQ officers are coming tomorrow to ensure we are ready for the inspection by the one of the oil majors...It's been a sleepless night for the past few days..Sometime I wonder how did I ever ended up in a career like this..Guess if I studied harder then,I would have been somewhere else..But then this job has been moulding me to be a better man than a lot of them I knew..And the pay is good too la...

So I'll be blogging again maybe after this big shit load of inspection is over...And till then I have tonnes of work to carry on......


yuking said...

The inherent problem with this country is - it is run by a bunch of people with selfish agenda. To keep themselves at the helm they get a bunch of relatively less intelligent people to support them. And so it goes……….

The entire government hierarchy in particular the main branch of BN is ruled by loudmouths incompetents and that is the crux of the problem of the nation.

Stupid people trying to make themselves looks smart and therefore making the entire nation look stupid.

ruyom said...

The Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry is worried about the requirement that all manufacturers in Malaysia with foreign equity, which sell any part of their production in the domestic market, are now required to form a separate legal entity as a marketing and distribution company with RM1 million minimum capitalisation, which would be under the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, and subject to the 30 percent bumi equity condition.

These guidelines are taking a step backwards and will discourage foreign investors. If imposed on family businesses or small companies like this, it would discourage them from expanding or investing more.

Where previously they have been promised and given 100 percent foreign ownership, all of a sudden, if they sell one component into Malaysia, they find themselves caught under these guidelines and required to go back to 30 percent bumi equity.

Malaysia is talking about accessing the international market, competing with more foreign players for foreign direct investment and economic liberalization.

It is time for the Malaysia government to review policies to make them all consistent. The objective of 30 percent bumi equity is still there, but there is a need to review the minimum capital requirement. There should be an exemption for small retail companies, which won't find it worthwhile to look for malay partners.

Malaysia is competing with its immediate neighbours, Singapore and Thailand. Both are very open economies: You can come in and invest as much as you want there, own 100 percent and do your business. They are internationally very highly rated; their efficiency levels are much higher; they don't have this restriction on top of that and their delivery systems are much better.

We have to consistently fine-tune investment policies which are no longer relevant. Guidelines which are not positive should be reviewed, or we will be forever lagging behind.

coolooc said...

Our Malaysia ministers are all poorly educated. They are there not because of merit. If it is based on merit the whole lot including the prime minister would have to go. Our ministers are all duds.

vesewe said...

I would have thought that a joke is a joke. When people react in a certain way to a joke, it shows that there is an amount of truth in the insinuation!

I have the highest regards for those who write boldly with the people and the communities interests ahead of everything else.

At least, helped to remind the current administration of our prime minister that they are being watched by the public.

We will always support our premier bold stance against the corruption menace that is plaguing the country rather than any move absurdly.

Minister in the prime minister department behaviour in branding newspaper a liar is totally unbecoming. As he points that one finger, does he not realise that three other fingers are pointing back at him?

Has he taken a look in the mirror lately to find out who is actually lying to the people? It is very strange to find that in Umno vocabulary, lays means truths told by others. And what are the 'truths' as propagated by Umno?

1. The promise to bring to book the 18 corrupted high officials - but nothing happened.

2. The promise prior to the general election to build more Chinese schools - but this was recently vehemently rejected by Umno.

When pulled its prank, I was amused and found it titillating. Personally, I feel it was a good reminder for Umno to act on some many things they should have acted on but have conveniently forgotten.

If I were somebody, I would send a 'Thank You' card for reminding the government of the many promises made and not kept.

Many of us knew that it was a joke then and now everyone knows the joke is on the BN government. It appears that they are even intolerant of a harmless prank.

If only they were as intolerant to graft, cronyism, corruption and nepotism as they are, then perhaps there will be more investors for the country and we can truly say that we have a 'clean, efficient and trustworthy' government.

Just as backfired, so to will this as readers around the world raise their voices as they did the last time. It is a joke in itself that a minister will waste his time on an issue such as this.

Once again, if only our ministers would concentrate on the majors and leave the minors alone, we could have a more efficient government.

However, the bigger issue now appears to be the government's attempt to 'make the evidence fit the outcome' or 'make the outcome fit the evidence' rather than 'making a conclusion from the evidence' (which is the correct thing to do).

BN long history of making the outcome fit the evidence (for example, the sudden unexpected release of Anwar from prison) or making the evidence fit the outcome (for example, the infamous trials and subsequent jailing of Anwar) make their attempts at shadow plays very comical.

BN please do spend taxpayers money more constructively! And minister in the prime minister department please starts with the lies, which the BN government has been peddling for years - there is plenty of work there.

And to Mr Lim, well done for provoking all of us - including the BN politicians - to think!

aston said...

Our Chinese is being abused and stupidly handing out money for the lazy people. We work hard and save money in bank but the bank give us 3-6% interest, that is way too low if compare to Australia and US.

Nevertheless, the malays can invest in government assisted fund and get 8-12% increment. What an unfair practice. We have no choice but to emigrate to others country in order to enjoy higher benefits and returns.

Malaysia will no progress and lastly became a less develop country.

reek said...

This despite the fact that the NEP has resulted in corruption of endemic proportions, cronyism, guinea-pig experiment, mismanagement, the squandering the ill-gotten wealth, and above all, a self-denial syndrome regarding this massive wastage of public funds.

I really do not know what yardstick is being used to gauge and say that the malays have only achieved some 19 percent capital equity ownership as opposed to the 30 percent target set by the NEP.

With all the Umno owned entities plus licences and permits dished out generously, this should have surpassed the 30 percent long ago. What happened?

I would say that many of them want to get only the money, they did not want to do the hard work and learn the ropes of the business. I think this is the real problem.

But instead, meritocracy is blamed and that after all these years of affirmative policies, the malays have not been given the proper support to excel and succeed.

If the government is sincere in helping the malays, it has to stop corruption. There also has to be a change in attitude and mindset towards positioning with ability and pride.

The problem with Umno politics is that no one dares to think the unthinkable. They talk, but in some matters they will never walk the talk.

wihong said...

I agree with one that the media in Singapore is controlled. In fact, arguably more controlled than ours Malaysia.

However, take a look at their qualifications and the results they have delivered! Until today, there is yet a single shoddy and blatantly outrages personal business deal involve any of them. Don't they qualify on their own rights?

Is the grass greener on the other side?

Let us ponder:

They are in the first world category. Ours?
They don't have racial discriminatory policies. Ours?
They don't have ministers who act more like circus clowns. Ours?
Their country's coffer is loaded with money despite having no oil. Ours?
Their citizens don't have bread and butter issues. Ours?

The grass is indeed greener on the other side.

tim said...

I am a pensioner and have through the pre-independence period. I can safely say that our education system has been deteriorating by the days.

In the sixties, just after independence, I was taught by teachers who were mainly trained in Kirby or Brinsford. The teachers, then were knowledgeable in their subjects and the language they use was excellent. The headmaster is disciplinarian. The very sight of him would send chills down your spine.

I would also say that the standard of education was higher than the present. The numbers of students scoring distinctions in all subjects were very rare. Compare with the present system. The numbers of students achieving all 'As' in all subjects were too many to be really highlighted.

One may ask why was our education standard drifting southwards while our southern neighbour Singapore standard is sky high. Sky high to the extent foreign countries are copying their syllabi, especially in science and mathematics.

The differences in standard can be caused by a few reasons:

(1) Our education policies are formulated by politicians particularly those from Umno. Many of the so-called education 'experts' are in actual facts not.

Many of them are third graders who by virtues of the NEP, managed to scrape to the universities and graduating with a degree. How do you expect these experts to know what is required for a good education?

(2) As some one has rightly put it, it has been an unwritten rule that principals are generally malays. I do not intend to sound being discriminatory in nature, but what I am saying here is true. Many of them are not really of principal materials. The reasons are the same as one.

They are more interested in non-academic activities like religious celebrations and beautifying the school compound. As far as discipline and academic performance are concern, they are deaf or blind to. Most probably they do not know the real functions of a principal.

vovo said...

Margin financing is unproductive to the economy, it is just a form of legalised gambling. The banks are better off using their funds to spur economic growth via the financing of medium and small-scale industries.

The stock market is for investment and capital rising and as such margin financing is bad news as it allows for speculation. If you don't have the money, don't buy the shares. Why borrow and buy - isn't that what we tell credit-card defaulters?

Leave the banks alone and let them do business in peace

Politicians, in general can appear foolhardy when they pretend to competence and knowledge in areas never before traversed. This is why they need more than just good advisers. This is also why we need clever member of parliaments too.

romsam said...

Malaysia is an oil producing country and with the current high price of this commodity, the government could subsidise essential commodities and services to ensure that the wealth is shares by every individual Malaysian and not be a burden to them.

The government could further provide cheaper fuel and motor parts to school bus operators by subsidising them, similar to assistance provided to fisherman and farmers. The school bus operators then do not have to seek a hike in their fares.

The argument that the government is subsidising oil is ridiculous if not stupid - it is like taking if not stealing one's money and giving it back to the same person as a loan and charging an interest.

That is the story of Petronas and the Malaysia citizens. The nation's oil wealth belongs to the people, not to the prime minister, Mahathir or his cronies.

It is difficult to think that despite being a country that has many firsts, we still have monkeys and apes being employed as members who are no better than the common thugs, who will do about anything for money or to please their superiors.

Man create is perfectly right, make Petronas accountable to people. As a first step, get rid of Mahathir from Petronas. After all, he is the advisor and the massive price hike must have received his approval if not his advice.

I am tired of the usual banner of 'oil prices in Malaysia are still cheaper when compared to others' every time price hikes take place. The government must think we Malaysians are a bunch of donkeys. The fact is, despite the mediocre education the government gives to most of us, we can actually do simple mathematics.

I think rather than calling itself as Barisan Nasional, it would be better to be frank and call the coalition 'Barang Naik'. At least the Malaysian public then need not fear the unexpected and can expect a continuous hike in the prices of commodities and services.

Somehow, the feeling is that the poor man will come out poorer after this increase price, and the rich who are able and connected will somehow get around it. Corruption and profiteering will jump to another level.

The worst joke of all is that any oil price below the world market will cause people to be 'wasteful' as though oil is costless currently. Actually everyday transport and cooking costs are already quite thrifty and there is a limit how far we can lessen them.

The real waste comes from two structural sources, firstly outdated technology and lousy town planning which assumes greater role for private transport than public transport, and secondly the government's own wastefulness where project costs are jacked up many times by crony companies.

We have a government that has empowered very lowly educated and untrained people who become volunteers for this group that simply acts at its whip when it comes to futile workers in the country.

If the government had really done its job all these decades, we would not be plagued by corruption and wastage and would be doing so much better in the income and purchasing power departments. The issue of oil subsidy would not even arise as we can then afford to pay for unsubsidised fuel.

One hopes that the people will open their eyes and ears and vote bravely in the next elections. If we don't give others a chance then we deserve to be led by morons.

Any sitting government that stays on too long will feel as if they own the country and continue to shove things down our throat. Maybe when we rotate them a little, they will learn to listen to the ones they are supposed to serve.

Any attempt by non-malays to even start anything to rectify the major flaws in the nation (such as the NEP or the current over-zealous Islamisation) would immediately be transformed by the powers-that-be into a racial issue and no one wants that.

If you want to exercise your voting rights to throw out the corrupt and unscrupulous government, the alternative is either a weak choice (DAP or Keadilan) or something even worse which could lead Malaysia to join the fundamentalist Islamic league.

Courage needs to be tempered with pragmatism for survival. Those who have emigrated have demonstrated that.

The government should have given more thought on how to manage the economy on a more coordinated and integrated basis rather than finding an ad hoc, fragmented, and simplistic way out.

kelly said...

Well, what I want to point out here is, do not stereotype that all malays are poor and all Chinese are rich. I won't consider myself poor, but just happened to come from a mediocre family with my parents income slightly below average. But I have other friends too who have more unfortunate fate than I have.

I have 2 friends who have to stop school since Form 1 because his mother could not afford it and they are not qualified to receive financial aid from the government because they don't have the "quality" to receive it.

Yeah, the aid is only "special" for the malays.

If you think that the special rights is to curb poverty, we could have just give the rights to the poor in lieu of the malays..........By giving the special right to the malays, you are just making the poor malays better off and the rich malays richer. How about other races in Malaysia? Should we be neglected just because we are second class citizens? Shouldn't the development of Malaysia be termed as the development of the malays instead?

I am born in Malaysia, and just because I don't have the "color", I can't have the same rights as others?

How many malays are aware that the success of other races in Malaysia is not through gifts and special rights, but solely their sweat and hard work? Was Loh Boon Siew given special rights? Was he given the monopoly of the sales of the motorbikes? I doubt it.........

They worked really really hard, and they truly deserve what they have now. However, these days in Malaysia, we work hard, and others get it.

Well, Malaysia has always been complaining about the lacking of unity among its people. But what is the root of this problem? I think I can safely say that it is due to Malaysia policy that always try to distinguish the bumis from the non-bumis, the Islam from the non-Islam.

I reckoned while filling in my SPM examination form. Only 2 races and 2 religions are available in the slots. Do I need to type it out here? You guys should have known it too. Doesn't this is evident that Malaysians are actually divided?

Why can't we be just a bangsa Malaysia instead of malays and non-malays?

Let us look at the work force, especially in the government sector. Promotion wise, non-malays can expect themselves not to get unless they are really established and extraordinary. Perhaps I don't have a strong proof to this, but I believe the presence of discrimination could be sensed.

In the long run, or perhaps by year 2020, should I say Malaysia would be very successful in curbing poverty among the malays but poverty still occurs in other races like the Indians and Chinese. Please do remember that we pay our taxes, but we do not get 80% of what we deserved to get. Is it just because we are of different skin color?

Malaysia is truly a country that practices racism……….Justice? Equality? I don't think I know them here.

julee said...

The only method BN can stay in power is to keep the nation uninformed, stupid and struggling to put food on their tables.

If the nation is uninformed, then BN will have less to worry about stealing their money and telling a totally different story of how they are helping them get better. Take a million, donate a thousand.

If the nation is stupid, then they will ask less questions. Unable to think logically and systematically, everything that the BN force feed to the nation will just be taken at face value. BN says that malays should be given more help.

If nation is struggling to put food on the table, the less time they have to care about the decapitated political condition in the country. So BN can just continue to marginalize every single person who is not a malay.

So why talk about them not reaching their promised goal of being first world when it is not their goal since day one. Everyone here knows what their goal is. We know that their promises are as empty as their heads.

What they want is to get as much money as possible and stash them in some other country because sooner or later, the ringgit will be worthless. Maybe cheaper than rupiah.

We will have to see if that really happens after the next election.

Emmanuel said...

Yo brother...


Don't ever fall asleep.We vote every day with our minds, will and intellect.Through song, through words, through action and deed.Not just onece in 5 years in a carnival like atmosphere.